Fire Crypto Portfolio will connect you to the cryptocurrencies you want and will help you discover cryptocurrencies you didn't even know you wanted!

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What's a Crypto Portfolio?

A portfolio is a list of valuable stuff you hold including gold & silver, stock market stocks, or cryptocurrency. It allows you to see their collective value at a glance.

A crypto portfolio is cryptocurrency focused.

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What makes Fire special?

We believe investing in cryptocurrency should be easy. We've designed an app that makes tracking and managing your portfolio easy by removing the unnecessary financial and technological jargon that comes with crypto investing.  


Is Fire Secure?

We collect no personally identifiable information and we don't sell your data to anyone. Furthermore, we can't even access your data.

Your portfolio lives on your device.


Is Fire a Crypto Wallet?

Not at this time. It's in development.  Soon we will support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and more!